As far as the Bulk SMS service providers are considered in India, Azmarq is a name that is famous for customising the services according to the needs of the customers. We provide a subscriber Opt in SMS option to receive SMS from a particular community or entity. Azmarq sends a message to the subscriber and if he/she opts for the messages, and remember this solution is not meant for marketing purposes as it is sent just to the few particular numbers.

The Opt in SMS service of Azmarq can be opted by any company, individual or community in the country just with the purpose to send important updates. This SMS solution comes under the Transactional SMS Route Gateway.

Sms Opt-in’s Benefits

Easy : A 160-character message is enough to reach your target instantaneously.

Efficient : Targeting of users who have explicitly opted to receive these SMS alerts from a base of people according to socio-demographic and behavioural criteria pushed. Your commercial information goes directly into the pocket of your prospects, which gives Bulk SMSs the power that other media do not have.

Quick : Designed to manage very large volumes, our SMS platform is the quickest tool for the sending of your Opt-In Campaigns.

Economic : Due to its efficiency compared to traditional techniques, SMS Opt-In has the best ratio efficacy/price allowing you to reach the best ROI.

Features of Opt-in SMS

  1. SMS-es can be sent tonsubscribers 24×7 through opt in bulk Sms gateway.
  2. 6 Digit Sender ID will be provided.
  3. Online Application, No software required.
  4. APIs Available -HTTP/HTML, XML, FTP, SMPP, SOAP.
  5. Message Scheduling Also available.
  6. Personalized SMS through Web interface or Excel Plug in.
  7. Messages sent in High Priority.
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