Two Way Messaging System

Short & Long Codes are great for a two-way dialogue & even better – they are easy to remember!

Short Codes

Short codes are great because they’re memorable. With only 5 numbers to think about your customers will be able to contact you quickly and easily – exactly what any marketing campaign needs.

If you want to keep costs down for your customers, you should use a shared SMS short code . Just pick a keyword that suits your business such as “for more information text INFO to 60XXX” and you’re good to go.

For more personalised codes you’ll need to ask for a dedicated SMS short code. Your business will be the only one with this code, so you can be more creative with the keywords you use.

Long Codes

The beauty of a Long Number is that not only can you gain a recognizable 10-digit, area code specific number for your domestic market, but the same number will also work in international destinations. Cost effective and simple to use, Long Numbers can be used in combination with keywords and can be quickly set up and in use the same day in many cases.

Long Numbers can make businesses appear to be in the area that they are reaching out to, even if they are in fact on the other side of the country. This kind of communication can work well for companies who want to look like they are based locally to the people they are communicating with, for example parcel delivery companies or couriers advising delivery time slots. People also often use Long Numbers to anonymize or hide their phone numbers which makes it ideal for use with dating apps to protect privacy in the early stages of contact.

Benefits Of Using SMS Short Codes & Long Codes

Stay on top in customer minds

Remembering a digit number is something most people can manage. Once they’ve seen your campaign they’ll know how to get in touch, even if they’re not in a position to get their phone out and text you immediately. Make it easy to contact you, and customers are far more likely to do so.

Choose a great keyword for maximum impact

If you’re using a dedicated code, you can choose just about any keywords you like, so you have plenty of scope for making them relevant to your business or the particular campaign you’re working on. Pick something funny, wacky or clever, and grab your customers attention for all the right reasons.

Set up automatic responses

Don’t have time to reply to everyone individually? It’s important to acknowledge that people have taken time to get in touch, so you can set up auto responses to your campaigns based on your keywords. We’ll send your chosen SMS response every time someone texts your code.

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